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$10 per unit. Receive a consultation for the amount of units needed.

  • 30 minutes
  • $10 per unit.
  • Millwood location|Yonge location

Service Description

Botox injections use a toxin called botulinum to temporarily prevent a muscle from moving. The bacteria that causes botulism, a kind of food poisoning, produces this toxin. In this instance however, the injection is highly localized with a small dosage to ensure that it is completely safe.  The first medication to use botulinum toxin was Botox. Dysport, Myobloc, and more products are now available. They are not interchangeable because each one differs slightly, especially in terms of dosage units. Botox injections stop specific chemical nerve signals from causing muscles to contract. These injections are most frequently used to momentarily relax the facial muscles that contribute to wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead. Over time, this results in less wrinkles and significantly enhances the skin's smoothness. Depending on the client's needs, the amount of wrinkles and the areas which require an injection the client may need varying amounts of injections and as such the pricing varies based on the number of units (injection spots) required. Our professional medical team with highly experienced Doctors and Nurse Injectors will ensure your Botox injection gives you fantastic results with minimal issues, along with all our other happy clients at AngelFace Laser Clinic. We offer free client consultations and if the client is happy with the consultation we offer the procedure on the same day. So if you are interested in a Botox injection, book today!

Contact Details

  • 320 Millwood Road, Toronto, ON, Canada


  • 7163 Yonge Street, Markham, ON, Canada


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