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Why You Should Ditch Waxing and Razors

Laser hair removal is a scary word for some, but there are no reasons to fear it With decades of experience and technological advances, LHR has become a cost effective and easy procedure with long lasting, permanent results.

Ditching Shaving Once and For All

Getting rid of body hair is costly, both in the cost of wax strips and razors, but also in time cost. Laser hair removal, after a few sessions, starts to show incredible results. Treatments are much faster than many expect, and over time you save more money than you would expect. So you can accomplish two things at once with LHR, both a time save and a money save. Lastly, you can say goodbye to any painful shaving complications, such as ingrown hair, as well as painful waxes.

If you would like to know more about laser hair removal, you can book a free consultation appointment with one of our medical aesthetics experts. Please call us at (437)997-1008 or email us at for more information and to book your consultation today!

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