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Ways to Deal With Acne

Acne is a persistent issue for many starting around their early teenage years and being a great nuisance for those who cannot eliminate it properly. Caused by clogging of the pores and the allowance of growth of the P. acnes bacteria, acne can be hard to get rid of for good without proper treatments. In this blog we will go over some of the ways to combat acne.

While at home.

The most important thing to know with acne is to not try to extract them on your own. It can cause more damage to your skin with scarring, and if not done with properly clean tools and gloves, it can simply spread the bacteria, causing more acne! There are a number of home remedies and over the counter creams and face-masks to help with acne and clogged pores. One important thing to note is to simply clean and wash the face often, making sure that oily sebum does not accumulate and clog your pores. Salicylic acid is often mentioned as a great way to contain and deal with acne along with routine face-washes. These methods may not eradicate your acne for good, especially in severe cases, but they can remedy it or make it not spread further while you try the other methods.

Visit a doctor!

Doctors can deal with acne properly, and get you the exact treatment you need. Some severe acne cases may require antibiotics to treat, as they can be caused by severe bacterial infections. Doctors can also extract acne in a much safer, more sterile environment with minimal risk of scarring or acne spreads. A proper treatment plan can easily eradicate acne quickly and painlessly.

Ways to treat severe acne and scarring

In some cases of acne, laser treatment is the best way to go. A laser can burn off the infected pores, and after some time the skin will begin to heal. This is often used for acne that has gone out of hand. Additionally, treatments such as PRP have great effect on acne and acne scars.

AngelFace Laser Clinic is proud to offer a multitude of services to aid with acne, and to have doctors with years of experience in skincare including acne related skincare. If you would like to talk to these medical experts and doctors, we can set you up for an appointment for free! Contact us today if you are interested to learn more.

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