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This Halloween, You Don’t Need to Be Scared of Post Surgery Complications

Many of our clients are curious about the potential complications of our procedures, such as non-surgical BBL, and we at AngelFace are always happy to ensure any concerns of our clients are resolved. As such this blog post is dedicated to the potential issues or complications of most of our treatments.

In general, most of the treatments at AngelFace are completely risk free. Slight bruising signs are possible as a general side effect of all injections, however these signs tend to go away quickly. Even our most complicated operations, such as PDO threads and non-surgical BBL tend to be very safe for the clients as the only contact point is the sterilized needle, and the client does not feel anything due to the numbing solutions applied. Additionally, very little post-treatment care is needed, meaning that clients can quickly return to their regular tasks and schedules.

AngelFace Laser Clinic has always been proud to be able to offer some of the newest and greatest non-surgical procedures and treatments, with medical experts and doctors with fantastic performance records and great results gained. If you would like to book one of our treatments, AngelFace is offering $200 in store credits for Halloween with great offers and discounts! Email us at or call us at +1(437)997-1008.

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