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The Showdown: BBL vs Liquid BBL

Are you interested in a Brazilian Butt Lift? Did you know you can have the effects of a BBL without surgery? You might be wondering how these butt enhancing techniques differ from one another and which would offer you the desired elevated, plump, rounded bottom.

Liquid BBL before and after results.
Non-surgical BBL is a great alternative to surgical BBL, with long lasting results.

There are two ways to increase the size of the buttocks:

Standard BBL: In a standard BBL, extra fat is removed with gentle liposuction from another part of your body, such as your back, thighs, waist, or love handles. The fat cells are carefully injected at different levels into your buttocks after being cleansed and collected to give you a bottom that is rounder and more luscious. It might also help slim down a different part of the body.

Non-Surgical BBL: At Toronto's AngelFace Laser Clinic, patients have the choice of a non-surgical butt lift. With dermal fillers like Sculptra, the buttocks are given volume and lift. Results last up to a half-decade and are significantly less painful, with almost no downtime. It can additionally simply be used to contour the butt and get rid of any undesirable effects, such as hip dips.

Sculptra butt lift before and after.
Liquid BBL gives real, long lasting results.

What do you need to know about non-surgical liquid BBL?

Non-surgical Liquid BBL is an advanced option for butt augmentation. Through the injection of dermal fillers, this procedure produces lifting, with the liftt amount depending on the amount of filler injected. For some people, a non-surgical BBL is all that is required to get a more rounded, elevated, and appealing butt. However, a non-surgical BBL cannot produce the more dramatic improvements you can achieve with either implants or fat grafting.

Sculptra is frequently the most efficient dermal filler for doing this non-surgical butt augmentation, producing both instant and long-term benefits. Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable poly-L-lactic acid filler that firms and plumpifies the skin by promoting the synthesis of natural collagen deep inside the skin's layers. This treatment could be the ideal solution for you even though you will need some patience to realise your vision and may need numerous treatments for a subtle, non-surgical augmentation. The procedure takes approximately an hour or less to complete, and the effects can last up to five years.

AngelFace is proud to be one of the top providers of Liquid BBL, especially Sculptra-based Liquid BBL in the Greater Toronto Area, and offers free client consultations to give price quotes. Contact us today if you are interested in the liquid BBL procedure!

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