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The Liquid BBL Dream, and How to Achieve It

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Many different types of butt lifts exist. Some patients desire a larger, rounder profile to emphasise their curves, while others simply want a little more oomph and are unable to achieve it with squats alone. We thought it would be beneficial to highlight the most recent trends and state of the art procedures that we are performing as more and more of our diverse Toronto clientele come in for butt augmentation procedures.


Placing an implant made of solid silicone was the traditional method for creating a round, projecting buttock contour. The implant was first positioned above the gluteal muscles, but because it was so obvious, the procedure was modified over time to place the implant into the gluteal muscle itself. Although many still provide this service today, there were a number of issues with it. The implant's mobility was the first problem; since the implant is in the muscle and you utilise the muscle to walk, the implant pocket might progressively grow in size over time. You've probably all seen videos of ladies flipping the implant in their posterior as a result of the loose "fit" between the pocket and the implant. It goes without saying that's not what we want. Second, because the implants in this procedure are typically large, the access incision is important. As a result, this procedure has declined in popularity and been replaced with the Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

BBL has been the go-to operation for the last several years for enhancing a butt. It includes liposuction and re-injection of the extracted fat into the buttock area. That means it is entirely dependent on how much fat the patient has. This means that little fat means less volume. The technique has been refined over time to be less risky – as in the past there was a significant risk of injury to deep tissues and unintended placement of the fat in places it should not be in. This lead to a search for a better alternative for those who do not have enough fat and do not want to go through the potential dangers of BBL.


Poly-L-lactic acid, a biocompatible, biodegradable synthetic substance used in Sculptra Aesthetic, is gradually and naturally absorbed by the body and aids in promoting collagen creation in the area being treated. Since the substance is injected into the deep dermis, it may improve skin texture by reducing cellulite and dimpling.


As with any injection we start by having a consultation and making sure that we take good pre-procedure photos. Then we draw where we want the product placed and place some local anesthetic at the injection areas. Once comfortable we proceed with injecting the product in the outlined areas, similar to having filler elsewhere. It will take a bit longer as there is more product being used. Once completed your buttocks may be sore for a few days and have some swelling and bruising. Mild lumpiness is also normal. We instruct you on massaging the area to make sure the product is spread evenly and works as expected.


Over several weeks, the initial bruising and swelling will go away. It is predicted that massaging the area will aid in the product's correct integration and anticipated distribution. You will start to see the skin looking better and the contours getting better over the course of 6 to 12 weeks. We can re-treat the region to add more volume if you would like more at this time. To achieve their desired outcome, the majority of individuals need 1-3 sessions.


Patients who don't want surgery or who are too thin for a conventional BBL now have a choice. These are exciting times because they give us the chance to assist in buttock contouring in a way that we haven't been able to before. Because it allows for an incremental increase in the buttock and high variability according on each patient's desired outcome, it is both safe and effective.

We are always happy to discuss our procedures with our clientele. You can call us at 437-997-1008 or email us at to book a free client consultation appointment with our experts.

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