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Say Hello to Smoother, Younger Skin and Foxy Eyes This Winter

With the end of November approaching, it's getting cold out there, so what's a better way to warm things up than a wonderful glowup with PDO threads? Our discounts on PDO Thread procedure ensure that you can achieve your maximum beauty potential and beyond at a great price!

Our PDO Thread Offers

Our winter PDO Thread package includes multiple procedures. In this blog we will go over these procedures and their benefits, pricing, and more.

PDO Fox-Eyes

One of our clients' favourites at AngelFace, this procedure is used to attain beautiful fox-like eyes loved and adored by many celebrities and fans with minimal pain and discomfort and lasting results.

This procedure costs $499 with the winter offer.

PDO Jawline

This procedure allows you to correct any imperfections in the jaw's shape and form, boost the skin's healthiness, and works as a non-surgical alternative to cosmetic surgeries for improving and contouring the jaw.

This procedure costs $599 with the winter offer.

PDO Midface

The option for improving the midface area, often used to get rid of any sagging skin and bring a youthful look back to the facial structure.

This procedure costs $799 with the winter offer.

PDO Fullface

A package for those seeking the ultimate facial glow-up, the full face PDO procedure improves the overall sh