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Revert Aging in Your Skin With These Techniques!

Over time, one of the biggest signs of aging is the reduction of collagen in the skin with less and less of it being produced over time. Since collagen is responsible for the structure and elasticity of the skin, a lack of it means that the skin may sag or form dips and deeper lines.

Old woman looking into a mirror.
One of the main signs of aging is the reduction of collagen levels, which can show itself with dips and deep lines in the skin.

Thankfully, with the aid of modern medicine, it is possible to revert many of these effects using a multitude of different methods with the same goal: to bring youth back to the skin. Some of these methods include various dermal fillers, Botox, and Sculptra.

Cheek filler injection before & after photos.
Cheek filler injection with before & after photos.

Dermal fillers are fillers which are injected beneath the skin in order to provide volume and lifting to the skin. Often made using hyaluronic acid, these fillers provide a great boost to skin volume and can be used to contour the skin to a desired form. The main caveat of fillers is that they cannot remain in the skin for too long, often dissolving within a year after injection. This means that the fillers need to be reapplied once dissolved.

Before & after photos of Botox treatment on the forehead
Botox treatment for the forehead with before & after photos.

Another method of getting rid of wrinkles and deep lines is Botox. Contrary to fillers, Botox uses safe micro-dosages of botulinum toxin to temporarily disable muscles which cause these wrinkles and deep lines to appear. While this comes with great results for wrinkles and deepened facial lines, it does not solve major dips in the skin, and while it lasts for a long time, it is not permanent.

While Botox is a great way to deal with wrinkles and deepened facial lines, it does not combat other skin aging conditions such as skin dips.

Sculptra is another way to revert aging in the skin. While similar to a filler, Sculptra acts differently. It contains something called poly-L-lactic acid, which boosts natural collagen creation in the skin. This means that even after the Sculptra has dissolved similar to other fillers, the effects of the collagen boost remain for much longer. This makes Sculptra a great choice for those looking for a long lasting, natural looking solution.

If any of these anti-aging solutions interest you then we at AngelFace would love to help provide the most cutting edge services to you with our professional expert injectors and doctors. If you are interested in other alternatives not mentioned in this article, such as PDO Thread Lifts, you can receive a FREE in-person consultation appointment to see what solution is best for you! So contact us today and book an appointment to regain your youth.

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