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Look Your Best This Valentine's Day at a Lovely Price!

Valentine's Day is getting closer and closer, and we all want to look our best on it while celebrating it to make it as memorable as possible. The effects of a lovely looking body form and silhouette is impossible to overstate when it comes to achieving a gorgeous and sexy look, with the butt consistently being one of the most important in achieving this form.

This Valentine's Day, AngelFace can help you with highlighting your features in your hips and buttocks, at a wonderful price point that will wow both you and your lover! In this post we will go through our amazing liquid BBL packages for you to fall in love with your gorgeous buttocks for this Valentine's.

But First, What is Liquid BBL?

Liquid BBL is a non-surgical alternative to the Brazillian Butt Lift surgery. It is essentially a butt-lift done with fillers meant for the butt region, which can be used to give a desired shape without the need for any surgical incisions or painful surgical wounds. This makes liquid BBLs an amazing alternative for those who are scared of the complications a surgery may cause, or do not want to be hindered by the downtime of a surgery.

Liquid BBL before and after images.
Gorgeous liquid BBL procedure used to correct hip dips and contour the general shape of the butt.

The amount and type of filler required depends on the client's body type as well as desired effects and as a result AngelFace Laser Clinic offers multiple packages and free client consultations in which we can help you with the package that would work best for you!

Non-Surgical BBL Packages

You can view our different liquid BBL packages for different amounts of filler provided. If you are unsure of which may be best for you, call us at (437)997-1008 today!

Liquid BBL 150mL

This entry-level package is available for $6500

Liquid BBL 200mL

This mid-level package is available for $8100

Liquid BBL 300mL

This mid to high level package is available for $11300

Liquid BBL 400mL

This amazing package is available for $14000

As previously mentioned, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us in any form that is best for you, and our experts will help you as soon as possible.

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