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Last Chances for September Packages at AngelFace!

Don't miss out on the last week of being able to enjoy our packages for September 2022! Make great use of our LHR packages for a smooth and beautiful skin, or enjoy our incredible results with our Liquid BBL expert doctors. Many of these offers and packages were extended from last month by popular demand. See our offerings and packages below.

Our filler packages include the Filler + Sculptra package, which includes 20 units of Hyaluronic Acid based fillers to boost volume, as well as Sculptra to naturally increase and maintain volume over the years. This results in incredible short term results, but also long term longevity. The filler-only package provides great lifting for an amazing, affordable price, while the Sculptra package is one of our most beloved products, on a great discount!

Our Laser Hair Removal packages are also part of our September promotions, with different tiers for different locations. If you would like to book any of these packages contact us by phone at 437-997-1008 or e-mail us at

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