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Enjoy the New Year With Our Amazing New Year Packages

We at AngelFace Laser Clinic would like to wish all of our loyal clients happy holidays. We are slowly approaching the new year, and to thank you our amazing clientele for being with us this year, we are offering amazing packages to begin the new year with! So if you are interested in starting the next year looking your best, make sure to continue reading.

Model Price Packages

These packages have a model discount on them, as we need models to show the gorgeous results of our procedures. Listed below are the treatments with this discount.

1mL Lip Filller + 1mL Jaw Filler

Now $900 (From $1400 Reg.)

Jaw Thread + Radiesse Cheek Lift

Now $1350 (From $2150 Reg.)

Hip Dips Contouring 100mL

Now $8500 (From $10500 Reg.)

New Year Laser Packages

These laser packages help you achieve silky smooth skin for the new year with no pain or side effects, now at a great price with our new years' discount!

Full Face Laser - 6 Sessions

Now $300 (From $600 Reg.)

Underarm Laser - 6 Sessions

Now $300 (From $600 Reg.)

Brazilian Laser - 6 Sessions

Now $600 (From $1000 Reg.)

Big Area Laser - 6 Sessions (Choose two parts)

Now $1000 (From $2000 Reg.)

Other New Year Packages

These are the other amazing packages we are offering for the new year, with wonderful treatments all around, now at wonderful prices!

Jawline Filler 2mL

Now $1200 (From $1700 Reg.)

Under-eye Filler

Now $700 (From $900 Reg.)

Full face Radiesse + 2mL Filler

Now $2299 (From $3000 Reg.)

Sculptra 40mL + Hip Dips Filler 60mL

Now $8500 (From $10100 Reg.)

If you are interested in any of the mentioned packages, don't waste any time to contact us so we can book you with these discount packages! Our client consultations are free of charge, and we offer same-day treatments if you are happy with the consultation! So contact us today to book your appointment with our expert doctors today.

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