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Enjoy Microneedling and Laser Hair Removal Discounts and Packages

This October, we at AngelFace are bringing in new packages and discounts with microneedling and laser hair removal. In this blog we will go through these packages and deals!

Our laser hair removal (LHR) packages are only offered within our Yonge location, but provide great discounts and deals for both those seeking one session, and those who seek the recommended 6 sessions for maximum results: Small Area

Regions: Under-arm, Bikini, Upper Lip, Chin, Hands, Feet, Areola, Linea, Cheeks/Sideburns Single Session: $65 (From $175) Six Sessions: $289 (From $699) Medium Area

Regions: Full Face, Full Arms, Brazillian, Lower Leg, Upper Leg, Abs, Buttocks, Shoulders, Full Neck Single Session: $85 (From $225) Six Sessions: $489 (From $899) Large Area Regions: Full Back, Full Leg, Chest/Abs Single Session: $140 (From $400) Six Sessions: $789 (From $1600) Full Body 1 Hour 30 Min. Treatment Single Session: $1489 (From $4500) Six Sessions: $1789 (From $5000)

Additionally, we offer microneedling services, including hyaluronic acid microneedling whch uses the small needles in order to boost collagen production which in return lifts the skin, and platelet-rich-plasma microneedling, also known as a vampire facial, which uses the platelet-rich plasma of the blood to heal, rejuvenate, and lift the skin. The packages can be seen below: Hyaluronic Acid Microneedling Single Session: $230 (From $300) Three Sessions: $580 (From $900) Platelet-Rich-Plasma Microneedling Single Session: $430 (From $600) Three Sessions: $1180 (From $1800)

If you are interested in any of these procedures and treatments, you can book an appointment with one of our experts and doctors today! Contact us either by phone at (437)-997-1008 or by email at

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