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Does Your Chin Shape Bother You? We Have an Easy Fix!

If you feel bothered by the shape of your chin, whether due to its natural shape or due to ageing, we have just the solution for you: non-surgical chin augmentation using fillers!

How can you tell if you require chin augmentation? Seeking professional advice from a provider with an expert aesthetician's eye for facial balancing is crucial. An excellent injector will pay attention to your ideas and worries, examine your anatomy, and provide you with many alternatives for enhancing your natural features. In this post, we will go into further detail about how improving your chin can be the one thing you're lacking.

A chin augmentation injection can be the solution for you if you want a better profile. We lose bone, tissue, and fat as we get older. As the jawbone recedes and our cheeks droop, we begin to see jowls and droopy necks. Imagine a tent with a collapsing tent pole; if the tent pole is fully supported once more, the tent will once more be taut and smooth. By adding filler beneath the chin, we can lengthen the chin and improve the definition of the jawline. Filler injected into the chin's front portion will also aid in supporting the jowls and preventing the lips from down-turning in frown or anger.

We start our consultation sessions by explaining our approach to aesthetics and especially injectables. We want you to look and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Our professional team of doctors and expert injectors will tailor your injection to your needs and desires, and provide you with the best experience with no pain or downtime for you. Additionally, our client consultation sessions are completely free of charge, meaning that if you want to have a face-to-face conversation about whether you would like to have your chin augmented, you can do so for free! So contact us today if you wish to have your chin in the form you desire.

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