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Do You Want a Face Lift Without Surgery? We Have a Great Option for You!

Would you like to enjoy the incredible effects of a face lift surgery, but do not wish to undergo a full-on surgery for it, especially in the facial region? What many are unaware of is that you can get similar effects with minimally invasive, non-surgical procedures. One of these procedures is the PDO Thread Lift, a very popular alternative with many applications.

Image of fox-eyes lift with before & after photos
Fox-eyes (eyebrow) lift is one of the most popular applications of PDO Threads, with beautiful results!

In a PDO thread lift, sagging skin is rejuvenated and lifted using dissolvable sutures. It is a quicker and less expensive option than a facelift, although the results are slightly less significant and don't stay as long. Recovery is minimal following the surgery, and it is frequently possible to go back to work the same day.

PDO Fox-Eye Lift

Younger people are increasingly using the fox eye thread lift, also known as the cat eye thread lift, in order to alter the curve of their brows. This treatment mimics the cat or fox eyes look, a wide-eyed, uplifted appearance made popular by superstars like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Additionally, it is an anti-aging therapy made to reduce upper eyelid drooping.

The PDO Fox-eyes lift is a minimally invasive method of lifting the eyebrows. It can enhance the eyebrows, upper eyelids, and outer eyes without making an incision. The area around the outer eye on both sides of the face is injected with a modest amount of local anaesthetic prior to the eyebrow thread lift procedure. Any pain or discomfort you may feel may lessen as a result. After that, in a process that takes less than 30 minutes, the thread is introduced beneath the skin using a blunt cannula or hollow needle. At the outside corners of the eyes, dissolvable threads are implanted beneath the skin. The threads lift the brows when gently tugged, lengthening the top eyelid and lifting drooping tissue.

Small cones in the threads anchor below the skin and produce the lifting action. Additionally, they serve as scaffolding to increase collagen formation and add volume beneath the skin. Thus, you benefit in two ways! These collagen-stimulating particles continue to have restorative effects weeks after treatment. The thread disappears over time and is naturally absorbed by the body, leaving no trace. Results are immediately apparent and get better over the course of the subsequent weeks!

If you would like to learn more about PDO Fox-Eye Lift, or other PDO Thread procedures, you can book a consultation appointment for free with one of our Doctors and Aesthetics Experts. So book today if you want to achieve this beautiful look!

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