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About Sculptra Butt Lift

Sculptra is a new, non-intrusive, non-surgical method for butt lifts. Sculptra works differently to other dermal fillers. Instead of adding volume outright the way that hyaluronic acid ingredients would, Sculptra injects something called polylactic acid into your dermal layers. This substance works to kick-start your body’s natural collagen production mechanism. Since collagen is the protein that gives your skin its structure and shape, Sculptra injections fill out the area under your butt with a curved shape that looks natural and fits with your body type. This means that you can get natural looking and beautiful results with minimal risk and pain. Additionally, Sculptra does not require a recovery period, which means that you can go back to your daily routine immediately. You only need 2-3 sessions and about 2-3 months to get fantastic results. Our customers at AngelFace have all been very happy with the results, no matter the amount of vials of Sculptra used.

AngelFace Laser Clinic offers anywhere from 8 to 12 vials of Sculptra for best results. You can get a free professional consultation from us today by calling us at +14379971008. You can also visit our clinics at 320 Millwood Rd for our Toronto clinic, and 7163 Yonge St. for our Markham clinic. We offer services including Sculptra butt lift, laser hair removal, VBL breast lift, Botox, and more. Make a step towards a better, more beautiful body today!

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