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Mjoule BBL
Mjoule BBL Only

The mJOULE is a technologically advanced dual-module platform that boasts a compact footprint, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to cater to the prejuvenation market. This innovative platform offers a wide range of treatment brands that are specifically designed to produce remarkable results on any part of the body. With its compact size and versatile capabilities, the mJOULE provides businesses with the flexibility to address various aesthetic concerns and deliver exceptional outcomes. By investing in the mJOULE, you can expand your treatment offerings and attract a broader customer base, establishing your business as a go-to destination for effective and transformative aesthetic solutions.

Includes the following pieces:

  • BBL broadband pulsed light platform module

  • HERO™ high energy rapid output high-speed BBL module

  • Includes all software updates

  • 420nm BBL Filter

  • BBL Finesse adapters 15x15mm, 11mm, 7mm

  • Smooth Edge adapters

Please contact us below to see detailed photos and get more information about the specifications of the Mjoule machine with BBL only currently in stock. We will reach back to you quickly.

This device comes with a 30-day satisfaction warranty. If you face any issues, you may contact us below.









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