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Cynosure takes pride in offering an unrivaled aesthetic platform that sets the industry standard by providing a wide array of highly sought-after treatments for your valued patients. With Cynosure's cutting-edge technology and innovative approach, you can confidently address a multitude of aesthetic concerns, ensuring that your patients receive the most advanced and effective solutions available. By harnessing the power of this industry-leading platform, you can expand your treatment offerings and provide your patients with a comprehensive range of options, catering to their specific needs and desires.

Includes the following pieces:

  • Handpiece

  • Applicators

  • Skintel™ Melanin Reader

  • Cooling System

  • Safety Features





Please contact us below to see detailed photos and get more information about the specifications of the Cynosure Icon machine currently in stock. We will reach back to you quickly.

This device comes with a 30-day satisfaction warranty. If you face any issues, you may contact us below.





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